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Long Covid Awareness 

Since 2019 SARS-CoV-2 has been destroying and taking lives across the globe.
Over the years, more and more people have been devastated by the long-lasting health and financial impacts of a Covid infection.
The need for more awareness and advocacy has never been greater.
In 2023 Long Covid patients, caregivers and allies began this Long Covid awareness campaign to unite people across the globe to: 

  • Increase Long Covid visibility 

  • Prevent COVID infections 

  • Empower patients 

  • Share support and resources

  • Educate about the symptoms of Long Covid

  • Highlight the need to fund relevant research 

long covid colors gray, teal, black

The three colors in the ribbon represent:

past present and future of Long Covid


Gray: Loss and Grief

Teal: Hope and Support

Black: Loneliness and Isolation

International Long Covid Awareness Day: March 15th

International Long Covid Awareness Month: March

movie trailer. Documentaire WARRIOR: Le combat des malades du covid-Long


Downloadable Long Covid

awareness graphics 


Find a Long Covid support group 


Support businesses selling

Long Covid related products

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